FAQ Insta Net Express

1. How do I use Insta Net Express?

You can transfer money via Insta Net Express in 3 easy steps:

  1. Log on to your registered account with www.money2india.eu and initiate a transfer request through the new 'Insta Net Express' transfers.
  2. Select an Insta Net Express compatible local bank account from your list of added bank accounts from where you want to transfer. Fill in the amount to be transferred, Beneficiary bank account details and purpose of transfer.
  3. Instantly you would be redirected in a safe and secure way to our third party payment gateway. Enter the user id and password of the bank account selected by you from where you want to make the transfer. Your account will be debited instantly* and funds will be sent over by your bank to Money2India - Europe.

*Debit time may vary depending on settlement process followed by your bank.


Wait for your transfer complete confirmation. You will also get instant updates by e-mail and have the benefit of easy tracking of transaction status online.

2. Can I use Insta Net Express from any where in Europe?

Insta Net Express transfer is available to all registered users of Money2India Europe. Presently this service is offered only to the registered users holding an account with a bank in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain only.

3. Will I have to pay any remittance charges for using Insta Net Express?

Yes, you will have to pay a small remittance charge on transfers made using Insta Net Express

4. What are the benefits of using Insta Net Express?

Same day transfers: Money is transferred to any beneficiary bank account in India on the same business day*. For same day credit to the beneficiary, funds should reach us before 1100 hrs CET. Transfer process can be aborted in step 1 and free of charge if you do not accept the exchange rate.
Guaranteed rate: Get guaranteed rate for transfers to India at the time of instruction.
Transfer money to any bank in India: You can transfer to any bank account in India, including any non-ICICI Bank account.
Transfer money from your local bank: You can use Insta Net Express service from your local bank account that is supported by Sofortüberweisung. Please click here to check if your bank supports Sofortüberweisung.

5. Is it necessary for beneficiary or me to hold an ICICI Bank account?

No, as a registered user of Money2India Europe, you can transfer money to any bank in India.

6. How much money can I send via Insta Net Express?

You can transfer a minimum amount of EUR 350 and the maximum of EUR 10000 per day using the Insta Net Express service. Please note that prior to identification you can transfer upto EUR 1000 only from Money2India Europe.

7. How do I get guaranteed Exchange Rates with Insta Net Express?

With Insta Net Express, the exchange rate is confirmed as soon as you initiate a transfer. The exchange rate that is shown to you while initiating the transfer is also applied for converting the Euros into Indian Rupee.

8. Can I use any of my local bank accounts to transfer money via Insta Net Express.

Only if your bank is compatible with our third party payment service provider, can it be used for making money transfers using Insta Net Express service.

9. How do I know if my bank is compatible for use with Insta Net Express?

You can view if your bank is compatible with Insta Net Express by clicking on this link.

10. How do I transfer money if my bank is not compatible with Insta Net Express?

If your bank is not compatible with Insta Net Express, you can transfer money using the 'Net Express' service offered by us. To know more about Net Express service click here.

11. What happens in case the money is not credited in my beneficiary's account or returned by beneficiary bank?

In case your beneficiary's account is not credited, the funds will be returned to your account without any undue delay. Money2India Europe does not levy any fees for the return of funds. The money will be returned to your Euro account as per then prevalent exchange rates, but not exceeding the original transfer amount.

12. How soon will my beneficiary receive the money in their account?

For Insta Net Express transfers to any beneficiary bank account:

Requests for which funds received by Money2India Europe - before 1100 hrs CET on a working day will be processed within the same working day*.
Requests for which funds received by Money2India Europe - after 1100 hrs CET on a working day will be processed within 24 hrs from the start of next business day*.

13. Is there a minimum balance that I need to maintain in my bank account for transfers via Insta Net Express?

Yes, your account from where you want to transfer funds should have an amount sufficient to meet the Euro amount you want to transfer to India.

14. How do Insta Net Express transfers work?

Insta Net Express transfers use the services of our third party payment services provider Sofortüberweisung to process your transfer request.

After you initiate a transfer your details will be routed to Sofortüberweisung via a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection & you would be redirected to Sofortüberweisung to process the transfer request. On the Sofortüberweisung input page you will need to input the Login id and password of the account from where you want to transfer the funds. Your sensitive information like login id and password are not stored anywhere during the process.

15. Do I have to use my own account to make transfers via Insta Net Express?

Yes, to avoid your transaction from getting rejected, you will have to use only an account registered in your name to transfer money.

16. How will I know if my transaction is complete?

After you have completed the transaction a confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you registered with Money2India - Europe.

17. If I transfer money on a weekend will I get a guaranteed rate? And will the money be transferred within 1 day?

If you transfer money on a weekend, you will get the same rate that was displayed while you initiated the transaction. Money for all requests for which the funds are received by us on a weekend will be transferred to your beneficiary on the next business day.

18. Can I get a refund of my money if I want to recall the funds sent to the beneficiary?

No, once the transaction has been successfully initiated via Insta Net Express, the money can not be refunded.

19. Can I open an account on Money2India Europe for money transfer post Brexit if I reside outside Germany?

Money2India Europe is primarily for people residing in Germany. Customers residing outside Germany can open their account in Money2India Europe for their money transfer requirement on their own discretion. It shall be the sole responsibility of the users to verify whether the Website and the Facilities can be accessed and utilised in their respective jurisdictions