Log on to your registered account with Money2India Europe using the web or the mobile applications. Complete your one time online identification process to initiate money transfers

For users who have completed the video identification process-you may add your beneficiaries as a one-time activity. Fill in the amount to be transferred, select the recipient and select purpose of transfer. It’s that simple.

Review the details and initiate the transaction using a payment mode of your choice.

Once you have completed the identification process, you will not have to do it again, unless your personal details or address changes.

In order to comply with European banking regulations, Banks need a proof of your identity and an address proof. This is a part of the Know Your customer (KYC) process.

Money2India Europe facilitates both online and offline modes of identification. Online mode can be availed by all users in Eurozone countries. For customers in Germany, they can also opt for a Postident service.

Video Identification is an online mode of identification which can be completed from the comfort of your home. You will be required to show your identity documents to an agent over a video call and the entire process takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Money2India Europe uses VideoIdent service provided by its partner IDnow. This service is completely free for you and available at customer-friendly hours.

VideoIdent is a video identification service provided by IDnow. This mode of identification has been approved by The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, BaFin) of Germany. The identification is done using an agent-assisted video chat and requires absolutely no paperwork. Provided a stable and satisfactory internet connection, you can use regular internet browsers or IDnow mobile app for encrypted video calls and don't need to install any software on your desktop/laptop. IDnow is a leading provider of online identification services in Germany and serves various renowned Banks and financial institutions.

Step 1:Login to Money2India Europe. Click on Send money to reach User Identification screen. Here you need to choose Online Identification.

Step 2:You would be taken to our partner's site. Your unique Ident-ID will be displayed on top of the screen. You need to choose a device (Smartphone/Tablet application or Computer with webcam) to initiate the identification process. You may also request for a link for the IDnow application download to be sent to your mobile device via SMS. Users opting for Computer with webcam need not download or install anything. Customers are requested to note down their Ident ID for future reference in case of any queries regarding their KYC process.

Step 3:Verify your mobile number and provide expiry date of your identification document and click on 'Start Identification'. An automated connection speed test will run to ensure a stable internet connection.

Step 4:You will then enter into a video call with the partner's agent. You will be taken though Name and photo verification step followed by ID front and back side scan and security feature verification for which you need to show your identification document to the agent on video. The agent will confirm the details and will send a one-time 'Ident code' as a text message to your mobile phone. You would be required to enter the same on the screen and your details would then be verified.

Please ensure that you have your ID documents (passport, resident card or any address proof) handy when entering into the video call. In case your current address is not mentioned on the Resident card, please keep a copy of Utility bill to show it to the IDnow agents during the video call.

Step 5:Once the details are verified, our partner will verify to us your identification status and you will be able to seamlessly transfer via Money2India Europe. You will be sent a confirmation email once your identification is completed.

Video call can be conducted via following modes:
Via Web browsers – Video Call starts in the browser itself
Via Smartphone/ Tablet - IDnow app needs to be installed on the device

The VideoIdent service is available 7 days a week from 8 AM till midnight (CET / CEST)
The video calling will not be available on Germany holidays.

  • Electricity-Bill or physical letter from electricity provider
  • Gas-Bill or physical letter from provider
  • Water-Bill or physical letter from provider
  • Registration Card
  • Residence Permit, with the residence address
  • A letter from your bank with the customer address mentioned
  • Bank account statement with the customer address mentioned
  • Insurance policy or a confirmation letter issued by a regulated insurance company (e.g. health insurance)
  • Existing telephone contracts for landline connections used by the customer from telephone companies
  • Rental agreement for the current place of residence. Please note that hotel receipts are not acceptable
  • Documentation that a lease agreement has been executed through a Real Estate agent for the current place of residence
  • Confirmation letter from the current employer in Europe

Please note that the documents furnished must not be older than three months (except the residence permit). If letters are used, these have to be personally addressed. Also the document must contain the full and correct address of the customer.

Customers are advised to note their Ident ID when they initiate the online identification process for the first time. You can re-initiate/continue the process anytime by entering your Ident ID directly on IDnow's mobile app to continue the identification.

Yes, your details will be stored by IDnow as a part of your digital identity for upto 90 days. After completion of the video identification you may request termination of storage and relationship with IDnow at any time.

Your details will be stored by IDnow as a part of your digital identity for upto 90 days. After this period has expired the data is completely deleted. Please contact the customer Helpdesk at IDnow.io in case you do not want your digital identity to be stored at IDnow. Please note that this is completely independent of your relation with Money2India Europe.

The VideoIdent service has been approved by The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, BaFin) of Germany. The VideoIdent service has also been successfully confirmed by Bavarian State Office for Data Protection Supervision.

Please note that Money2India Europe will follow additional due diligence in case there is a mismatch between the data verified by IDnow and the data registered on Money2India Europe. For a seamless identification experience, we recommend that the details that you submit at IDnow exactly match the details registered on Money2India Europe.

In case you require correction in your personal details on Money2India Europe, kindly send a request over email to europe@icicibank.com with supporting documents.

ICICI Germany is a branch regulated by BaFin, which is the local regulator. We understand that some of the latest versions of the Indian passports are currently not accepted for KYC using videoident. This is due to lack of certain security features which cannot be verified during the video call. But to ensure that our customers don’t suffer because of this, we do have an alternative for you. You may please download the POSTIDENT form from the Post office identification option given on the User Identification page and complete the KYC through offline mode. For offline KYC you need to carry the POSTIDENT form along with your ID card or Passport, and address proof (Electricity-Bill or physical letter from electricity provider, Gas-Bill or physical letter from provider, Water-Bill or physical letter from provider, Registration Card, Residence Permit with the residence address, A letter from your bank with the customer address mentioned, Bank account statement with the customer address mentioned)to the nearest Deutsche Post Office and present it at the counter. After completing your identification, Deutsche Post will send the confirmation document physically to ICICI Bank Germany. As soon as we have checked and verified your documents, we will activate your account. This process normally can take 3-4 days. Also, this service is free for the customers, and you don’t have to pay anything at Deutsche Post. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail from us confirming the activation of your account.

PostIdent process is an offline identification process offered by Deutsche Post AG. Please note that this process is available for registered resident of Germany only.

Step 1:Login to Money2India Europe. Click on Send money to reach User Identification screen. Here you need to choose Offline Identification mode and download the PostIdent coupon from the provided link.

Step 2:Visit the nearby Deutsche Post office with your passport (Reisepass) or ID card (Personalausweiss) and PostIdent coupon.

Step 3:Present the PostIdent form to the clerk at the Deutsche Post office. The clerk will complete a separate form with your personal details and data taken from your ID documents. Please check and verify the details.

Kindly sign on the PostIdent form given by the clerk post confirmation of details. This form will be sent to us by the post office clerk. Once we verify this form then your identification will be completed.

The identification process is completely free for you and you need not pay anything at the post office.

To begin the identification process, you will have to send us the attested copy of the following identification documents.


VISA / Residence Permit

A bank statement of the account which you have registered on Money2India Europe. The bank statement should be less than 3 months old and it should display your current address.

Please note that all the documents should be attested either by your existing bank, a notary or a consulate. It should include the certification statement, stating that the copy matches the original (in English, German or local language), original stamp of the certifying body, original signature & name of the person certifying the copy along with date.

Please send us these documents to the following address:
Frankfurter Straße 27
65760 Eschborn

Your identification will be completed once the documents are successfully verified. If the documents are incomplete or invalid, you would be asked to send them again.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on our toll free number or you can also write to us at europe@icicibank.com

Yes. You will be sent a confirmation email once your identification is completed.

When you initiate a transfer request, you will be asked to select a mode of transfer. Two options are available (may vary with country) viz. Fixed rate and Floating Rate.

With Fixed rate option, the exchange rate is confirmed as soon as you make the payment using a payment gateway. When you select Fixed rate transfer, the Bank’s exchange rate prevailing at that time is shown to you and the same rate is applied for converting your funds into Indian Rupee. Always note the exchange rate mentioned there – “You get what you see”.

With Floating rate option, once you initiate a transaction and get a transaction number starting with G2NXXXXXXXX, you are required to transfer the funds to Money2India Europe's account via a Bank transfer. While initiating the transfer request, an indicative exchange rate is shown with the indicative total amount you will get in INR for your Euros. When the Bank have received your funds, the actual exchange rate prevailing at the time of conversion would be applied and the actual amount transferred in INR may be different from the amount that was shown to you at the time of initiating the transfer.

While placing a transfer request with Money2India Europe, you will be asked to select a mode of transfer. Select fixed rate option and choose a payment gateway using which you would like to make an online transfer from your local bank account.

The exchange rate displayed while initiating the money transfer gets locked for your transfer and you will receive the exact INR amount into your recipient's account.

Under Fixed rate option, you need to select one of the available payment gateways to transfer funds online from your local bank account to ICICI Bank Germany’s account. Money2India Europe uses services of reputed third party payment service providers like Klarna (Sofort) and Trustly to process your transfer request.

After you initiate a transfer your details will be passed to the payment service provider (PSP) via a secured connection & you would be redirected to the PSP to process the transfer request. On the PSP's page you will need to input the Login id and password of the bank account from where you want to transfer the funds. Your sensitive information like login id and password are not stored anywhere during the process.

Yes, to avoid your transaction from getting rejected, you will have to use a bank account held solely or jointly in your name to transfer money online using available payment gateway options.

Floating rate option can be availed of by users of Eurozone region who have a local bank account in any of the following countries

1. Austria 2. Belgium 3. Cyprus 4. Estonia 5. Finland 6. France 7. Germany 8. Greece 9. Ireland 10. Italy 11. Luxembourg 12. Malta 13. Netherlands 14. Portugal 15. Slovakia 16. Slovenia 17. Spain

Only if your bank is compatible with our third party payment service providers, can it be used for making money transfers using Fixed rate option. This may vary from bank to bank.

However, almost all banks accounts can be used if transferred using Floating rate option

You can transfer money using internet banking service of your local bank OR visit your local bank branch and make a "Euro SEPA" transfer from your local bank to ICICI Bank in Germany.

The charges will be applied by your home bank/ local bank. Usually, money transfer within Eurozone is offered free of cost by many banks. You may check with your local bank for details.

Yes. Even if you are sending money to the same recipient again, you must place a fresh request on Money2India Europe and enter the new Tracking Number which is normally with a convention starting with G2N followed by 8 digits in your Internet banking account. The last 8 digits changes with every new transaction.

Money2India Europe offers service in 17 Eurozone countries and 3 Nordic countries Presently, Fixed rate transfer is available to all registered users of Money2India Europe holding an account with a bank in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Norway , Denmark and Sweden only.

Floating rate transfer is available in Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Yes, the Bank maintains an average remittance charge of around 0.5% of the transfer amount for EUR transfers. For Nordic currencies (DKK, NOK and SEK), remittance charge average is around 0.8% of transfer amount.

Due to dynamic exchange markets and various other factors, these margins may undergo change at Bank’s discretion. To ensure complete transparency, the actual charges applied for your fixed rate transfers will be always be displayed before your transaction through payment gateway is completed. Similarly for the floating rate transfers, the exchange rates are competitive.

For our customers who want to compare our rates with the competition,we strongly recommend to always compare the final amount displayed after your fixed rate transactions, instead of comparing what the Bank is charging for their individual transaction.

No. Neither the recipient nor the remitter needs to have an account with ICICI Bank to send money through Money2India Europe.

You can send money to any account which belongs to an individual, after adding it to the beneficiaries list. Transfer to any non-individuals account belonging to trusts, religious institutions, foundations, societies , firms etc. is not allowed and such transactions should not be initiated.

You can transfer a minimum amount of EUR 100 and a maximum of EUR 10,000 per transaction using Money2India Europe. The customer can make multiple transactions in a day.

However, to avail a fixed rate for your transfer, you will need to transfer a minimum of EUR 350.

In case of higher amounts that EUR 10,000 the customers may get in touch with us at europe@icicibank.com or Phone: 0080044332332

For Floating rate option, funds are ideally transferred to recipient account within 24 hours of receipt of funds by ICICI Bank Germany branch.

For Fixed rate option, if funds are transferred to an ICICI Bank account beneficiary, the recipient receives funds within 30 minutes (the first transaction to an ICICI bank beneficiary takes longer as beneficiary verification checks are performed). For non-ICICI Bank recipient accounts, INR amount is disbursed within 24 hours of receipt of funds by ICICI Bank Germany branch.

30 minutes transfers are currently available for “verified” ICICI beneficiaries in the fixed mode transfers. This means, that your first transaction for a new ICICI Bank beneficiary would not be completed within 30 minutes, as the Bank would perform certain checks. Beneficiary would be verified during the first transaction which happens within 24 hrs. Once done, you can enjoy seamless 30 minutes transfers from your second transaction onward.

No, the money has to be sent from a bank account held solely or jointly in your name. Also, while sending money from your Euro bank account to ICICI Bank Germany, please ensure that the name in your bank account exactly matches with your registered name on Money2India Europe. Also, please mention only the tracking number (11 digit number starting with 'G2N') in the reference field while sending money from your local Euro account to ICICI bank Germany.

When the registered name of the remitter in Money2India Europe platform does not match 100% with the name present in the remitting account, (bank account from which the money is being transferred), the bank’s team manually checks these transactions ensuring user’s security and minimizing the risk of frauds. Such manual intervention delay the credits to beneficiary accounts. It is highly recommended that the remitter use the same name in money2india platform as per the name with the local bank.

In case the recipient account is not credited, the funds will be returned to sender's account without any undue delay. Money2India Europe does not levy any fees for the return of funds. The money will be returned to your Euro account as per then prevalent exchange rates, but not exceeding the original transfer amount.

After you have completed the transaction a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address with Money2India Europe.

An ICICI Bank recipient account will receive funds in under 30 minutes if you choose fixed rate option to transfer funds. This service works 24x7 to ensure that your recipient receives funds quickly.

For non-ICICI Bank recipient accounts, funds will be disbursed to recipient account on the next business day or when ICICI Bank Germany receives the funds, whichever is earlier.

    1.If you have added a new ICICI Bank beneficiary and you are remitting the funds for the first time.

    2.You were able to use payment gateway provided by us (Klarna, Trustly or Ideal) but you could not complete the transaction, due to:

    • a.Unstable internet connection between you and the payment gateway
    • b.Unstable internet connection between you and the Bank
    • c.You logged out before completing the transaction, although you completed the payment through payment gateway

    3.Amount restrictions for debits imposed by your local remitting Bank

    Under all the above cases, the ICICI Bank Money2India Europe will ensure that the funds are credited to the Beneficiary’s account within 24 hours after receiving the credit in our pool account, which happens normally in one to two days. However, we will honour our commitment to give you the same rates as promised while you initiated your original transaction.

Once the transaction has been successfully placed, the transaction cannot be recalled.

Post Brexit, new customer registrations are restricted to Germany, which means people residing only in Germany can open a new account with Money2India Europe. However, the existing customers from countries other than Germany can still continue to use Money2India Europe for their money transfers to India.

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