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  • Best Exchange Rate (INR)*

    1 EURO = INR

    1 SEK = INR

    1 NOK = INR

    1 DKK = INR

  • Best Exchange Rate (INR)*

    1 EURO = INR

    1 SEK = INR

    1 NOK = INR

    1 DKK = INR

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ICICI Bank UK PLC (ICICI Bank) provides information about remittance and further financial services at its website for its customers and other interested parties.

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The content provided on our mobile app is solely for information purposes. Neither does it intend to give investment advice, nor any other recommendation. Respectively, the use of the content for any other purpose other than gaining information, particularly for using the content as basis for investment decisions, is at your own risk.


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The entire content of this mobile app (including, but not limited to directories, instructions, news articles, opinions, critiques, texts, photos, pictures, illustrations, profiles, audio clips, video clips, service marks, services, processes, designs, software, technologies, trademarks, trade names, inventions and materials as well as all comparable information and materials (in total “the content”) is protected by copyrights as well as other industrial property rights according to relevant laws. Neither you nor any other user of the app can gain ownership of the content. All intellectual property rights and the ownership of the content are reserved for ICICI Bank Limited and its affiliated enterprises, including, but not limited to protected trademarks, such as for instance ICICI (complex word and figurative mark), ICICI Web Trade, ICICI Direct Cash or Direct Trade.


The content which is contained and provided on our mobile app is exclusively limited for your personal use. You are only allowed to download material which is available on our mobile app for your personal, uncommercial use. Without our prior written consent, you are not allowed to circulate, reproduce, change, store, transfer, publish, recycle, report on, or use the content for other public or commercial purposes, regardless of the applied means (electronic or mechanic means, reproduction via photos, recordings or any other ways). The unauthorized usage of content can infringe copyrights, trademark law and other intellectual property rights.

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Likewise, we are not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the information, data, opinions, advice or other statements provided on those websites.


We recommend that you contact the operators of the websites directly to obtain further information on their principles regarding data collection and usage.

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